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    I stand to break-down barriers which prevent Floridians from pursuing their dreams and aspirations!

    Lynn Su

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    At the Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington D.C, Lynn Su was born a first-generation American, born to first-generation immigrants. Originally from Thailand, Lynn’s parents left the economic hardship and challenges of their home country to seek a new life available in the USA, land of the free. From humble beginnings, they found opportunity in the hospitality industry, bartending and waiting tables. At three years old, Lynn moved with her family from Washington, D.C. to Florida.

    Lynn grew up traveling back and forth from Florida to Thailand, assisting her father in new business ventures. These travels allowed Lynn to experience the stark contrast in lifestyles between countries. In 1996, Lynn received her bachelor’s from UCLA, making her the first in her family to receive a college degree. Using her education and experience, Lynn took over operating her family’s business in Thailand, where she rooted out corruption. In 2015, Lynn’s father was arrested for speaking out against the Thai Royal Family. These experiences deepened her appreciation for the privilege of being an American citizen and renewed her respect for the law and fundamental rights, especially the First Amendment.

    Lynn believes people have a right to freedom, to opportunity, and to the American dream. The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in her family and she will fight against excessive regulations and taxes for small businesses, such as licensing and hidden fees. She is an advocate for bringing back trade schools and fostering entrepreneurship.

    As a dedicated community leader, Lynn has volunteered for various non-profit organizations. Currently, she serves as a board member of Miami-Dade County Asian-American Advisory Board (AAAB), North Miami Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board, Thai-American Association (TAA-South Florida), Census Complete Count, and the Multicultural Committee. Additionally, she serves as Vice President of National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP-Miami).  

    Lynn looks forward to bringing her love of her community to the state house. She promises to bring leadership to the state legislature, while advocating for the significant improvements our community deserves.

    Majored in Political Science

    Law School and Civil Rights Attorney

    Director of the Communities Project

    Deputy Attorney General

    PoliciesHow we can build a better country together!

    Case StudyOpposing Dirty Energy Infrastructure Development


    Whether it’s getting petition signatures, creating thousands of citizen video appeals to send to Congress, or mobilizing supporters to hit the streets, we specialize in innovative advocacy campaigns that make waves:
    • Legislation
    • Environment
    • Political

    Legislative Efforts

    We’ve helped build the small-donor membership base of some of the best and biggest progressive groups through millions of one-on-one conversations with supporters across the country. We’ve been running data-driven voter outreach campaigns since 2004, including knocking on millions of doors to help elect President Obama. For every voter contact campaign, quality interactions are our top priority.


    Since 2004 we’ve helped register over 2 million voters, including running targeted African-American community drives and bilingual registration campaigns on both coasts.


    We place the highest priority on training our staff to be excellent organizers. We can also help train your staff or volunteers in order to make your internal outreach efforts as successful as possible.

    Would you like to become one of our donors?

    Would you like to become one of our donors?

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